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Norman Van Rensburg

Negotiation Training and Conflict Mediation        Professional


We help organisations achieve their business objectives by providing soft skill and negotiation training using micro learning training journeys, gamification as well as conflict mediation services.

Norman has over 25 years business experience in the financial and commercial fields.

His commercial experience includes commercial risk analysis and governance, contract management and process improvement. He has successfully negotiated and concluded multiple agreements across southern Africa (South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Mozambique) and south America.

He has a proven track record of establishing a fully-fledged in-house commercial function operating across multiple jurisdictions. His financial expertise in the fmcg, manufacturing and mining industries, includes financial management, financial analysis, project management, strategic planning and value modelling.

His experience provides him with the skills to understand the financial and commercial impact of negotiation decisions. Having been involved in numerous tough negotiations he also understands the emotional impact this can have on the parties involved.

Some background

Optimal Resolution is pleased to partner with professional training and e-learning company Alignor to offer world class negotiation training throughout Southern Africa. Over the past 5 years, Optimal Resolution’s founder, Norman van Rensburg, has worked extensively with Alignor to implement Alignor’s global best practice interest-based negotiation methodologies on commercial negotiations.
Alignor is a professional training and e-learning company that utilizes the interest-based approach to negotiation, sales, collaboration, influencing, leadership development and conflict resolution. Founded by Harvard Law School graduates and world renowned expert negotiators, Alignor has developed a streamlined, effective process and tools for managing key negotiations, handling business challenges, developing high performance leaders and managers, and resolving high stakes disputes.

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Alignor offers an extensive suite of online scenario-based learning games that present learners with realistic and engaging challenges. Alignor’s learning game are used by thousands of managers, sales professionals and frontline employees in large organizations across the globe. Alignor’s game-based learning modules cover Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Sales Negotiation, and Key Relationships.


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